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JMSDF Kure Museum is established to introduce and exhibit submarines and minesweeping just as JMSDF HISTORY MUSEUM SASEBO and AIR BASE KANOYA MUSEUM exhibit surface ship and aircraft, respectively.
The aim of the museum is to educate Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) personnel and promote understanding by the public of JMSDF through extensive PR activities by exhibiting and preserving materials owned by JMSDF as well as contribute to coexistence with the region.



Exhibition of Historical Materials to Explain JMSDF History

The museum introduces the history of JMSDF as well as historical relationship between the city of Kure and JMSDF through exhibition of historical materials concerning development and current status of submarines and military history and operations of minesweepers.

Promotion of Understanding toward JMSDF Operations

While exhibiting the real submarine which was recently decommissioned and focusing on transmitting information across the Internet, the museum simply explains operations of Fleet Submarine Force and Mine Warfare Force of JMSDF which are relatively unknown by the public as well as promotes understanding toward JMSDF.

Valuable Experiences through a Real Submarine

By exhibiting the decommissioned real submarine, the museum offers visitors opportunities to ride in the real submarine and to see, feel its interior.

Coexistence with Region

While being an appealing museum with dignity as a place to educate JMSDF personnel and widely provide information to the public, the museum aims to coexist with the city of Kure by considering the history and culture of the city of Kure and harmonizing with the neighboring facilities.